Control Odors and Insects in Drains While Repelling Rodents and Insects with


Drain Treatment

Don’t let odors and insects from urinals and drains leave a bad impression about your facility.

ODOR-LOCK floats on urine, water and other liquids in drains and urinals to effectively lock out the air that creates and carries the odors out of the drain, while creating a safe barrier between the user and the fluids in the drains. Extending the life of waterless urinal cartridges to save money is easy with ODOR-LOCK. As the original liquid seal barrier of the cartridge dissipates over time, simply replace by pouring in 3 – 4 ounces of product directly into the cartridge. With its special formulation, this product also works to control and repel both insects and rodents around the drains. 

  • Control gnat and fruit fly infestations in floor drains.
  • Repel mosquitos, flies and more, that are drawn to both urinal and floor drains.
  • Repel rodents from floor drains.


  • World-Wise Certified;
  • Made of food grade ingredients
  • Floats on water, urine and other liquids;
  • Locks air out and sewer odors in;
  • Will not evaporate to 100°F;
  • Will not freeze above -14°F;

Aromatherapy benefits of peppermint oil refresh and energize.

You’ll find this drain treatment is perfect for use in any facility as fresh peppermint scent leaves a positive impression. Facilities that can truly benefit from the insect and rodent repelling benefits include:

  • Parks
  • Forest Preserves
  • Golf Courses
  • Ball Fields
  • Restaurants
  • Institutional Kitchens

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Product Spotlight - Odorite’s Para-Free™ Urinal Cakes

When other urinal cakes turn to mush, Odorite’s new Para-Free™ cakes last 30 days against 2000 direct hits and 2000 flushes while freshening the air. This patented urinal block is made with all natural ingredients and contains no hazardous chemicals.

Odorite’s Para-Free™ Urinal Cakes are the best on the market and enviromentally safe too!

Specialty Products

Presenting an All Natural Insecticide that is Healthy to Breath and Freshens the Air.

ODOR-FRESH Insect Barrier

While many insecticides may create allergic or breathing issues for people in areas of application, ODOR-FRESH Insect Barrier is specifically formulated to work to improve the air with proven benefits of peppermint oil.

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