Save Thousands Yearly And Upgrade Your Customer Service



Some companies have found it, and those who haven’t will be very pleasantly surprised by it, but the secret is coming out: a washroom hygiene services company can save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. Not only that, but their customer service can be upgraded as well. 

The secret -- news of which is quickly spreading worldwide -- is the considerable funds which, with the right supplier, do not have to be paid in brand royalties and annual fees for the privilege of distributing various janitorial supplies. 

“We have been evaluating this new model, and we’re very pleased about the costs and the products available,” says Gerry Healy of CAFCO Limited, an Irish janitorial supply distributor and retailer. 

Companies purchasing a cleaning service franchise -- the traditional method of doing business -- have been known to lay out $40,000 - $140,000 simply to start up, depending on the brand and the territory. Additionally, there are yearly licensing fees. 

“They would charge us an up-front fee based on the population of our sales area and what they would consider potential business,” says Healy. “And you’re only paying for the branding and the ‘good will’ that go with the product. We’re very reluctant to go down that road.” 

The model being discovered by a widening variety of suppliers and service companies, costing generally 20% to 25% of what it costs for a franchise, is that of “exclusive independent distributorships,” such as that offered by Odorite, an international manufacturer and distributor of washroom hygiene services products. All a company needs to do is place an initial order for products -- there are no fees or royalties involved. 

Salvador Zubiate, whose company Sernatec has been an exclusive distributor in Spain for 12 years, loves the model. “The commitment to being a distributor is not as rigid as being a cleaning service franchise. They don’t impose the image, prices, politics and rules to follow, and give you more flexibility in the commercial relationship between the distributor and the customer. You can adapt better to the washroom hygiene services marketplace,” explains Zubiate. 

Another benefit from Odorite specifically -- which has become hugely popular with both independent distributorships and its customers -- is the use of regionalized scents. In setting up a distributor in a new area, they honor requests for scents specific to the locale. For example, Odorite developed sandalwood for Saudi Arabia, vanilla and jasmine for Mexico, and strawberry for the Netherlands. 

“In Spain, we have a high demand for a pine fragrance so we asked Odorite for it,” explains Zubiate. “They developed it, and it was exactly what we wanted. At present, it is one of the more popular fragrances.” 

Additionally, climactic factors such as humidity, heat and cold are taken into account in the formulas -- in extreme heat, for example, a gel can evaporate far more rapidly and won’t last its expected time. Odorite formulates their scents to compensate for these factors. 

Most other companies that specialize in washroom hygiene services normally provide an aerosol or gel-scent in approximately 8 fragrances, and no consideration is given to regional preferences, either in scent or in climate.

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I would recommend their distributor program to anyone who wants to build a successful business with low start up costs."

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Save Thousands Yearly And Upgrade Your Customer Service

Our Independent distributor model is less expensive and gives our distributors more freedom than a traditional franchise business model. Read this article for more information.

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